Virtual Legal Services

Mickey Wilson offers both hybrid and full “virtual” legal services in the following practice areas: Business & Transactions; Elder Law; and Estate Planning matters. With our virtual legal services (hybrid or full), our clients continue receive the same exceptional legal services that are provided to all clients.

By delivering virtual legal services through cutting edge technology and online solutions, our clients have the option of customizing their virtual experience with our office.  Some will opt to keep it simple and to stick with telephone and/or video solutions.  Others, however, will choose to connect with our office via our client-based, secure portal, which allows clients to securely: send messages; upload and/or review documents; and, so long as the client has an internet connection, to access the portal to our office at virtually anytime and from anywhere.

With our virtual legal services, meeting and connecting with our legal team has never been easier for our clients.  The end-result is that, by providing virtual legal service opportunities, our clients benefit from receiving legal services which are convenient, efficient, and cost-effective, without compromising the exceptional legal services to which our clients are accustomed.

To learn more, schedule a virtual appointment (telephone or video); or, to discuss virtual legal services for our other practice areas, please call or email our office.