Medicaid/Long-term Care Planning

Nurse holding hand of senior woman in pension homePutting off planning for long-term care is quite common.  Many people simply are not comfortable thinking about a time when they might not be able to take care of themselves; or, they are convinced that they will never need such care.  Waiting until a crisis occurs, however, can result in unintended consequences.   With Americans living longer and longer, it has become increasingly more important to not leave one’s long-term care planning to chance, and instead, to be proactive and plan ahead for one’s potential future long-term care needs.

For those whose long-term care plan requires applying for Medicaid, our attorneys are available to help clients both make sense of the complex long-term care Medicaid eligibility rules and to navigate the Medicaid application process.  In addition to being a joint federal and state needs-based public assistance program, the Medicaid eligibility rules for long-term care are strict and unforgiving, which makes it all the more important to seek advice and create a plan for future eligibility sooner, rather than later.

The Elder Law Center, P.C. division of our law firm offers both advance long-term care planning, as well as crisis long-term care planning.   In addition, our attorneys are able to assist clients with the full range of legal issues related to long-term care planning, including but limited to:  planning for Medicaid eligibility (including planning for community spouses, as well as asset preservation strategies); nursing home issues; long-term care insurance issues; personal care contract matters; creating advance directives; creating trusts; etc.

To discuss Medicaid/Long-term Care issues or other elder law issues with an elder law attorney, please contact the Elder Law Center, P.C. division of our law firm.

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