Municipal Law

Municipal LawMickey Wilson represents multiple cities, villages and fire protection districts. In so doing, we have worked in nearly every aspect of local governance. Our attorneys’ experiences are very diverse; we have helped to craft comprehensive codes of ordinances, worked with liquor commissions, assisted in the process of planning and implementing numerous public finance projects, and generally given the legal support necessary to enable local government to manage its growth according to a clearly defined and well conceived vision. When litigation becomes necessary, we are equipped to handle the challenges it may present.

In communities with growth, Mickey Wilson offers unique specialized services relating to managing all that it requires. Our attorneys have laid the legal foundation for nearly every type of publicly financed project, offering assistance with construction and performance bonds, the levying and collection of special assessments and special service areas, and the management of all issues related to municipal taxation. We have done extensive work relating to property annexation and disconnection, provision and control of municipal services, creation and adoption of zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans, subdivision and developer agreements, and a host of intergovernmental agreements relating to property development and municipal growth.

For the established areas of a municipality, we provide support for and revision of your municipal ordinances, as well as code enforcement and local prosecution services to maximize both compliance with your code, and municipal revenues from code violations, all in accordance with state laws. By working with your governing bodies, we can apply emphasis to enforcement of those items that your municipality deems to be of the greatest importance. As a local firm, we are available for consultation without wait, and are able to provide a hands-on approach to assisting in the development of your community.

Through our municipal practice, we have come to work closely with many area police forces and liquor commissions, enabling them to be more consistent in their practices, more clear in their policies, and more efficient with the limited resources often afforded to them. Our attorneys work to promote a municipal cohesion among all branches of local government, that shows through a cooperative, multilateral approach to challenges. Rather than simply letting each department of government fend for itself, we strive to find ways to build a better, and more efficient, result for our clients by keeping abreast of developments both within and without your municipality.

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