Elder Law

Elder Law

In 1991, Mickey Wilson recognized the emerging, unique legal issues that older persons and their families were facing.  The emergence of these unique issues had given birth to the practice of law that is now well-recognized and widely known as “elder law.”  Determined and committed to providing solid legal solutions for the firm’s aging baby boomers, older clients, and their families, we formed our elder law division, created the Elder Law Center, P.C., and became pioneers in this new area of law.

While there are multiple ways to define “elder law,” one common thread is that it is a specialized field of law focused on the diverse legal needs of aging baby boomers, older persons, and their families.  Another common thread, is that it is an area of law that encompasses a holistic approach to serving and meeting clients’ legal needs.  Our elder law team is dedicated to utilizing a holistic approach when evaluating the wide variety of legal tools and techniques that may be available to meet the unique and diverse legal needs of our elder law clients, in the following areas: Medicaid/Long-term Care Planning; Guardianship; Life Care Planning/Powers of Attorney; Estate Planning; Wills; Trusts; Probate; Special Needs Planning; and Real Estate.

Our core belief and philosophy has not changed since 1991, when we created our elder law division and the Elder Law Center, P.C.  Quite simply, we remain determined and committed to helping our elder law clients focus on advanced, strategic planning and decision making today, so that problems can be eliminated before they arise.  Of course, advanced planning is not always possible.  There will be times when unexpected situations arise, and when they do, our team utilizes our experience and knowledge to provide clients with solutions to minimize unintended consequences.  We are also pleased to offer our elder law clients what we have coined as the “Mickey Wilson – Elder Law Advantage.”   This “advantage” occurs when an elder law client needs legal services beyond traditional elder law matters.  In those situations, our team approach along with the knowledge and experience of all of Mickey Wilson’s seasoned attorneys allows us to provide our clients a wide range of legal services, beyond common elder law matters, to our clients.

To discuss elder law issues with our elder law team, please contact the Elder Law Center, P.C. division of our law firm.

Our firm focuses on Medicaid/Long-term Care PlanningGuardianshipLife Care Planning/ Powers of Attorney, and Estate Planning.

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